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New Ways to CNC Foam!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

CIM Expertly Machines Closed Cell Foams

CIM has taken the CNC machining of closed cell foams to the next level. Most of us think of closed cell foam and flotation life vests - but closed cell foams can be quite useful for a variety of applications which require moisture and shock resistance - and heat and sound insulation. Closed cell foam has been used for years in insulation, cushioning, padding and gasketing applications. It is also used in the manufacturing of gas and oil equipment and aircraft and automotive equipment too. Closed cell foams have higher compression strengths and can be very difficult to machine. Years ago, CIM had an idea how we could utilize our state-of-the-art Computer Numerically Controlled (“CNC”) machining centers to work with this delicate & difficult material. Without giving away proprietary information, we developed a system that allows us to machine this material into very complex shapes while holding incredibly tight tolerances. Our system allows us to manufacture closed cell foam parts that fit into a special segment of aerospace applications (ex. aircraft radomes, LIDAR and sonar systems) – and this is especially valuable because electronic signals can pass through foam easily. In addition, closed cell foam can be filled with specialized gases to boost its insulating capabilities - taking closed cell foam into space. If you have a project that requires machining of closed cell foam, Computer Integrated Machining is your best option to achieve your desired manufacturing result. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our unique capabilities in this exciting space. Thank you, Michael Brown, President and CEO, CIM

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