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CIM proudly demonstrates zero-defect parts and we are dedicated to Diligent Quality Assurance.

We know that reliable quality requires continued focus and investments in many areas, and we are committed to our strong reputation of these core fundamentals:

1. SERVE AS AN OUTSTANDING BUSINESS PARTNER - and in every phase of production. At Computer Integrated Machining, we:  

• Provide thorough, responsible QUOTES, as we know the partnership starts here. 

• Consult to ensure PROTOTYPES are completed efficiently & achieve the desired results. 

• Leverage the most appropriate, cost-effective technologies & processes in PRODUCTION. 

• Enable Just In Time INVENTORY to our key customers. 


2. DELIVERING PRECISION MACHINING  - and make perfect parts to your specifications.   At Computer Integrated Machining, we are committed to:

• PRECISION PLANS.  All jobs start with a playbook (ex. specs, materials, inspections, etc.)  

• THOROUGH INSPECTIONS.  All parts are continually inspected during production. (SPC)

• QUALITY RESULTS.  The finished products are inspected, packaged carefully, and shipped with AS9102 quality inspection reports. 


3. ENABLE QUALITY, COMPREHENSIVE MATERIALS - CIM works with a full spectrum of materials and consults to ensure the most accurate and cost-effective materials are used in every job. We excel in the precision machining of complex parts and exotic materials; including Kovar, Haynes 188, Alloy 46, Inconel, Invar, Carbon Fiber, Honeycomb, Closed-cell Foams and many other unique materials, utilizing 3, 4, and 5 Axis Machining Technology. We also know an array of finishing techniques (ex. plating, lapping, extrude honing) to ensure the best finish for all completed parts/products. 

Quality - On the shop floor and Off the shop floor too.

CIM is proud of our experience in machining zero-defect parts for our customers & we are dedicated to Diligent Quality Assurance.

Our commitment to quality and precision is demonstrated every day in the work we do for our customers, and we are:


  • Certified ISO 9001:2015

  • Certified AS9100D

  • Certified ITAR

  • Member of GIDEP




Click below to view  the Quality Clauses which accompany all our work products. 


  • FAR 52.204-21 compliant.

  • On track for CMMC 2.0 Level 2 certification with majority of infrastructure and policies placed

  • Professional Security team to defending and keeping us up to date on latest threats Experienced CISO via Avatara

  • Third party professional SoC monitoring, detecting, and acting on any security incidents, ensuring our roadmap to compliance, and audit our security configurations.

  • Avatara Managed Detection and Response team ready to take on security incidents.

  • All systems protected by Avatara with vulnerabilities constantly scanned and resolved.

  • Staff trained on current cybersecurity phishing, and company policies. Constantly tested with currently observed phishing simulations.


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