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Computer Integrated Machining Goes To Mars!

2018 was an incredible year for Computer Integrated Machining. We enjoyed tremendous growth in many ways, but the most interesting thing that occurred for us was becoming a JPL/NASA Flight Hardware supplier, manufacturing parts bound for the planet Mars in 2020. In the course of supplying parts for the JPL/NASA Mars Helicopter project, we became part of something very special. JPL/NASA along with AeroVironment, NASA Ames, and NASA LaRC, designed and built the first air-vehicle to attempt atmospheric flight on another planet! This milestone will one day allow robotic helicopters to operate in the Martian atmosphere traveling longer distances to explore and collect samples from many new locations. Mars Helicopter is planned for launch on board the Mars 2020 mission in July of 2020. Computer Integrated Machining is proud to be a contributor to this incredible project and what new and exciting discoveries it will bring mankind.

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