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CIM ADDS A "GALVO JPT M7 MOPA 100watt FIBER LASER" to its manufacturing capabilities!

Our R&D group brought this into our facility and customized it to expand our capabilities to suit customer needs.

With a 300x300mm engraving area and an 80D Rotary axis for cylindrical and conical work, CIM has taken steps to ensure, during its growth to eliminate one outsource detail, which will enable them to keep delivery dates on time

by controlling marking of parts from outsourced to in house.

This laser is also capable of cutting materials for thin intricate parts, which opens the door to many avenues of manufacturing. In addition, it can also burn a wide variety of colors on materials such as Stainless Steel, Inconel and Titanium.

Mopa fiber lasers enable burning and cutting of materials at much lower temperatures, thus adding more manufacturing capabilities. Variables like low pulse and frequency combinations added to power, speed and interval settings make for seemingly endless possibilities.

The perfect combination of power, ability, and accuracy in a high paced environment.

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