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A Look Back at 2023 with CIM


As we finally settle into the new year, we’re taking a look back at the wonderful year of 2023. We’re proud of the growth we’ve had, exciting experiences + new relationships developed. 

We had the opportunity to attend two trade shows in 2023, SpaceTech and WesTec/AeroDef. Both of these shows were a huge success for us and we are looking forward to attending in 2024 - keep an eye out for booth numbers + other details!

In 2023 we acquired 7 new customers. Because of this rapid growth, we hired 10 new employees to the CIM team. We are also starting the process to plan for a second shift, we hope to get this ball rolling in 2024!


We brought two machines into the lineup - the YAMA SEIKI VP 3012 and Doosan DVF 5000.


As a refresher, here are all the machines we currently have:


  • Mori Seiki Dura Vertical 5100 

  • Fanuc Robo Drills 

  • DMG DMU-50's

  • HAAS VF-11/50 (120" travel)  

  • Haas UMC 750 SS 5-Axis

  • Haas UMC 750 5-Axis

  • Haas VMC VF4, VF3, VF2 

  • Haas VMC VF3 SS

  • Haas VMC VM3 

  • Haas YT2

  • Haas Mini-Mill 

  • Acra Manual Mill

  • Yama-Seiki (AWEA) VP-3012


  • Daewoo Lynx 220LSY 8in CNC Lathe

  • Daewoo Puma 240B 8in CNC Lathe 

  • Daewoo Lynx 220LSY 10in CNC Lathe



  • Hexagon CMMXcel 765 (20” x 20” x 20”)

  • Zeiss Contura CMM (28” x 40” x 24”)

  • Keyence WM-3000

  • Brown & Sharp Gage 2000 CMM

  • Mitutoyo PH 14 LS Optical Comparator

  • Wilson Rockwell 4 JR BB Hardness Tester

Call us anytime to arrange a tour - we’d love to see you!


Cheers to 2024 - we can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us & look forward to working with you!

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