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CIM Welcomes the YAMA SEIKI VP 3012

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We are excited to welcome our first Yama Seiki machine to our capabilities here at Computer Integrated Machining. Yama Seiki machines are built based on the latest and most advanced Japanese technology and components. These complex machines are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 and 14001 regulations and bring us the ability to obtain faster cycle times with extra power.

With the VP 3012 we’ll save manpower and increase accuracy by eliminating manual part handling with its fully automated loading system.

The spindle for the VP series machines have a 20HP stepless variable speed range and gear of 10,000 rpm. The bridge and bed of this machine are both made up of Meehanite cast iron in one single piece and this allows for maximum cutting performance.

The counter-balance system has twin hydraulic cylinders that are symmetrically placed to guarantee equal loading to the way area and sensitivity and accuracy in the cutting area.

CIM is dedicated to delivering our customers quality products in a timely manner with the best technologies. We can’t wait to incorporate the VP 3012 in your future projects!

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