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Lathe Spotlight: LYNX 2100LSYA & Puma 240

Computer Integrated Machining’s lathe department has two LYNX 2100LSYA’s and a Puma 240 to assist in any of your manufacturing demands. In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, precision, speed and reliability are the keys to staying competitive. Our LYNX 2100LSYA machines, are cutting-edge CNC lathes designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

One of the standout features of the LYNX 2100LSYA is its dual-spindle design coupled with Y-axis functionality. This configuration allows for simultaneous machining on both the main and sub-spindles, significantly reducing part handling and setup times. The Y-axis adds versatility, enabling complex geometries and multitasking operations, ultimately enhancing our machining capabilities.This eco-friendly approach aligns with our sustainability goals.

The Puma 240 has one spindle with a 10” Chuck and has a12 station turret and can turn parts that don’t require a sub-spindle.

Contact us today to explore how these machines can benefit you.

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